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MALIPIERO, G.F.: Impressioni dal vero / Pause del silenzio (Rome Symphony, La Vecchia)

This release from Respighi contemporary Gian Francesco Malipiero includes a number of world premieres and the enigmatically titled Pause del Silenzio, widely regarded as the greatest of Malipiero's orchestral works. (read more)
Ralph van Raat plays Arvo Part

Arvo Pärt's piano works range from his first public statement as a composer, the Zwei Sonatinen, to his latest, the life-affirming miniature Für Alina. Award winning pianist Ralph van Raat is distinguished by numerous... (read more)

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Pacifica Quartet - Shostakovich and the Russian Experience

The Pacifica Quartet performed the complete Shostakovich cycle of string quartets to great acclaim in New York and Chicago during the 2010-2011 season. According to the Chicago Tribune... (read more)

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Virgin Classics on ClassicsOnline

Founded in 1988 by entrepreneur Richard Branson, Virgin Classics has established itself as one of the world’s top classical companies, winning the “Label of the Year” award in 2006 from both Gramophone and Classic FM. (read more)

Featured inside are recent releases from Virgin Classics.
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Concert for Violin, Piano and String Quartet in D major, Op. 21 - II. Sicilienne: Pas Vite

From the album:
CHAUSSON, E.: Concert for Violin, Piano and String Quartet / Piano Trio (Meadowmount Trio, Wihan String Quartet)

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Naxos Records New Release Sampler, September 2011

September 2011 Naxos New Release Sampler
Specially Priced Sampler
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HANDEL: Messiah
(1751 Version)
Naxos: 8.570131-32

Beauty and Truth

The Messiah is truly the most remarkable work of baroque music ever. Inspiring and inventive. The scriptures of the bible interpreted with uncanny skill and accuracy...
(read more)

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