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My First Classical Music Album

Here is a wonderful album to share with children of all ages, introducing the joy and thrill of classical music. Also available as a fun, interactive app for the iPad. (read more)
Wilhelm Stenhammar - Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2

A virtuoso pianist and renowned conductor in his day, Wilhelm Stenhammar achieved early success with his magnificently wide-ranging and Brahmsian Piano Concerto No. 1. (read more)
Singer Pur - Time Piece

German a capella group Singer Pur allow no stylistic limitations to their repertoire choices. The featured release inside contains Renaissance sacred music, Nordic vocal music, contemporary vocal compositions and motets by di Lasso. (read more)

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Ceremony of Carols: Etherea Vocal Ensemble - Take 20% off any title in the feature

Excitement is building around this release from Etherea Vocal Ensemble, a unique group consisting of seven women's voices. Together they achieve music of rare technical craftsmanship, vocal precision and exquisite nuance. (read more)

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This Week's Free Track
Tale of Tsar Saltan, Op. 57, Act III: Flight of the Bumble Bee (arr. for guitar)

From the album:
Guitar Recital: Kotranakis, Dimitris - FAYS, R. / REINHARDT, D. / PEREIRA, M. / BARRIOS MANGORE, A. / DYENS, R. / IVANOVIC, V. (Echomythia)

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Naxos Records New Release Sampler, November 2011

November 2011 Naxos New Release Sampler
Specially Priced Sampler
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Beethoven, L.: Symphony No. 8 / Schubert, F.: Symphony No. 8, "Unfinished" (Beecham) (1951)
Naxos: 9.80558

Legendary Beecham recordings

These two symphonies (Schubert 8/Beethoven 8) were two of the best things which Sir Thomas Beecham recorded during the early 1950's....
(read more)

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