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Sandrine Piau - Vocal Recital on naive - 20% off select titles

Sandrine Piau's distinct, lyrical soprano voice is unique among a new generation of French singers. She is building a rich discography... (read more)

Take 20% off select titles from the Sandrine Piau catalog.

Biber's Vesperae

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber's extensive sacred works have many of the treasured stylistic elements of his instrumental music. Vesperae longiores ac breviores is characterized... (read more)

Fine Arts Quartet play Saint-Saens - 20% off featured releases

Celebrating their 65th anniversary, The Fine Arts Quartet is one of the most prestigious chamber music ensembles performing today.  With over 200 celebrated recordings, the group tours... (read more)

Last chance to take 20% off titles featuring the Fine Arts Quartet. Offer available until May 24.

20th Century Piano

Featured are three recent releases, each of which showcase the innovation and fearless intensity of 20th Century composers.  Piano duet Duo d'Accord join the Eardrum Percussion Duo for a unique... (read more)

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Guitar Concerto: II. Cadenza

From the album:
Guitar Recital: Moller, Johannes - BARRIOS MANGORE, A. / CRAEYVAGNER, K.A. / REGONDI, G. / VILLA-LOBOS, H. / GOUGEON, D. / BROUWER, L.

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Naxos Records New Release Sampler, May 2011

May 2011 Naxos New Release Sampler
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Highly Reviewed Recordings

TANSMAN, A.: 24 Intermezzi / Petite Suite (Reyes)
Naxos: 8.572266

Alexandre Tansman
was a mid-20th century composer who stuck to his own personal composition style -- essentially a neo-classical one -- and remained a generally admired talent during his life even when...
(read more)

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