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Orchestral Music (Latin American) - PIAZZOLLA, A. / CARRILLO, M.G. / CASTRO, J.J. / VALCARCEL, T. (Fiesta Criolla) (Castagna)

This week's recommendation is this disc of early to mid-twentieth century LatinAmerican orchestral music, brimming with Afro-Cuban and Creole folk-inspired sounds. Interest spiked after being featured on BBC3 and we encourage you to give this a listen. (read more)
Gerard Schwarz and the Seattle Symphony - 20% off selections

Light and lyrical yet stirring and substantial, Alexander Borodin's First Symphony took 5 years to complete as the composer was a celebrated chemist by day. Yet music was no mere avocation, and his inclusion in... (read more)

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Harry Christophers & The Sixteen - Exclusive Sampler

Harry Christophers and The Sixteen are currently touring the length and breadth of the UK with their 2011 Choral Pilgrimage celebrating Tomás Luis de Victoria. Alongside the tour there are a number of events... (read more)
New Opera Recordings on Dynamic - 20% off

Opera fans take note: Italy's Dynamic label is dedicated to finding, recording and releasing lesser known opera repertoire. Featured are four new releases including hard-to-find gems... (read more)

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Une jeune filette [16th Century]

From the album:
Vocal Music (More Hispano) - CARA, M. / TROMBONCINO, B. / NARVAEZ, L. de / JOSQUIN DES PREZ / VERDELOT, P. (New Glosas on Early Music)

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Nussio, O.: Folklore d'Engadine / Schonherr, M.: Tanze aus Osterreich
Naxos Classical Archives: 9.80905

This is a most welcome reissue from Naxos Classical Archives. I have owned this recording on vinyl for many years and am very pleased to now have it on CD.
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