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IAN, DAVID: Vintage Christmas

This release serves up classic Christmas tunes (and one original) in a translucent sheen of familiar styles. Yet it manages, at the same time, to feel completely fresh, likely due to top-notch performances throughout. If you like Vince Guraldi's West Coast take on Christmas, you'll enjoy this.
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Gift Certificates for Holiday Giving

The winter holidays are a great time to share music with family and friends. ClassicsOnline Gift Certificates make it easy to fill your home (or that new device!) with glorious sounds. You can choose to send between 10, 15, 20, and 50 denomination gift certificates. (read more)
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The featured Naxos AudioBooks releases below have been honored for excellence. Audiobooks make the perfect gift, or provide entertainment during holiday travel time. (read more)
Musical Advent Calendar and more Christmas music from Haenssler - 10% off all featured titles

Here is a stocking full of holiday treats from the Haenssler label. Open a new track every day from the Musical Advent calendar. Berlin Voices give creative and delightful interpretations to familiar Christmas Carols. (read more)

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Disciplinam et sapientiam

From the album:
PHILIPS, P.: Cantiones Sacrae Quinis et Octonibus Vocibus (Antwerp 1612 and 1613) (Sarum Consort, Mackay)

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December 2011 Naxos New Release Sampler
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Saariaho, K.: D'OM LE VRAI SENS / Laterna Magica / Leino Songs (Kriikku, A. Komsi, Finnish Radio Symphony, Oramo)
Ondine: ODE1173-2

Susana Välimäki's moving note in the booklet... raised expectations hugely and the resulting work does not disappoint. The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra partner Kriikku admirably in this enchanting concerto...
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