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LISZT, F.: Harmonies poetiques et religieuses (Barrio)

This double length program features Franz Liszt's cycle Harmonies Poétiques et Religieuses, including the most known but not frequently recorded songs Ave Maria, Pater Noster, Andate Lagrmisos and Funérailes. (read more)
William Alwyn on Naxos - 20% off select titles

Following his acclaimed recording of the Concerto Grosso No. 1, David Lloyd-Jones here completes the set. Concerto Grosso No. 2 is scored for strings, and Concerto Grosso No. 3 is a tribute to Sir Henry Wood. The descriptive score... (read more)

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Alan Hovhaness Centennial

2011 is the Centennial year of the birth of American composer Alan Hovhaness. His family had roots in Armenia, and he developed a keen interest in music from that region. But his interests expanded to include... (read more)

Rachmaninoff - The series on Chandos - 20% off select titles

Symphony No. 3 is the most expressively Russian of all Rachmaninoff Symphonies, particularly in the final dance movement. The album includes the rarely recorded Prince Rostislav and... (read more)

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Recorder Sonata in G major, Op 1, No 3 - III. Adagio

From the album:
LOEILLET DE GANT, J.-B.: Recorder Sonatas, Opp. 1-4 (Rothert, Young, Haugsand)

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MOZART: Flute Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 / Concerto for Flute and Harp / Andante in C major / Rondo in D major (Bezaly)

This album is great value -- it has all of Mozart's orchestral music for flute, as well as the Concerto for Flute and Harp.
(read more)

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