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This Week's New Features - Thursday, June 19, 2014

Alexander Zemlinsky - String Quartets 1 & 2 In July of 1896 Alexander Zemlinsky began writing his First String Quartet, a work of sweeping lyricism and rich dance patterns, couched within the bounds of a relatively conventional palette. Seventeen years later he began his Second String Quartet. Kaleidoscopic in effect, mood, and technical demands, and redolent of the music of the new century – led by his brother-in-law Arnold Schoenberg – it was to place Zemlinsky securely in the European avant-garde. more info
Richard Strauss - Complete Voice and Piano Works In celebration of the 150th birthday of Richard Strauss, TwoPianists Records is proud to introduce a new, authoritative, 9 album set of his complete works for voice and piano including two world premiere song recordings. more info
Grand Piano Label Sale Now with over 40 releases, the two-year old Grand Piano label continues its mission to release undiscovered repertoire for piano. The label's specialty is multi-volume recordings and complete piano cycles of lesser known composers, including Joachim Raff, Moisey Weinberg, Erwin Schulhoff, and Alexander Tcherepnin. Now, for a limited time, take 20% off the featured new releases inside and all releases on Grand Piano. more info
Last Chance: Carl Reinecke - Cello Concerto
Carl Reinecke - Cello Concerto Carl Reinecke's (1795-1883) works are rarely performed today and largely unknown to the listening public. Now Delos releases Michael Samis' debut recording with the hope of restoring this appealing and beautifully crafted work to today’s concert halls. more info

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