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Dear ClassicsOnline customer,

ClassicsOnline is pleased to offer four brand-new features for a new year. From Naxos and ClassicsOnline comes especially rich content - Guided Tours dedicated to four separate eras of Classical Music. Each tour features webpages (and a downloadable booklet) describing the composers, the music and the history of each era, and generous albums of hand-picked music prepared by Naxos musicologists. We also assembled the GRAMMY® nominated albums for 2012, and the year-end best-of lists from selected publications in our Critics Picks, Best of 2012 feature. Finally, we collected several children's series from various labels for the young and young at heart. Enjoy the new features, and thanks for being a ClassicsOnline customer.

The ClassicsOnline team

This Week's New Features - Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guided Tours to Classical Music from Naxos ClassicsOnline is pleased to present these exclusive Guided Tours, prepared by Naxos musicologists and featuring music from the deep archives of the Naxos label. These initial 4 tours cover the Classical, Romantic, and Baroque periods as well as an exploration of nationalism in the Romantic era. more info
Grammy Nominations 2012 Here are the 2012 GRAMMY® Nominated albums available at ClassicsOnline. We offer our congratulations to the artists and labels. more info
Critics Picks - Best of 2012 Check out this collection of releases picked by reputable critics as the best of 2012. more info
Classical Music for Children Music plays in important role in development from infancy through young adulthood. ClassicsOnline is pleased to present the following series of albums created to introduce your young music lover to the joys of classical music. more info

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