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Free Indian Music Download - Hindemith - Nobilissima Visione
These remarkable works from the early 1920's established Paul Hindemith as Germany's leading young composer. This is the first recording of Hindemith's complete Nobilissima Visione (as opposed to the three-movement concert suite he later extracted), his ballet based on the life of St. Francis of Assisi. The Five Pieces for String Orchestra, an earlier, energetic work, is also included.

Free Indian Music Download - Lise de la Salle - Schumann Piano Music
"These three works offer a genuine journey, full of contrasts in which the listener can easily find wonder, surprise and kaleidoscopic shifts from one emotion to another. I like it when you don't ever settle into a comfort zone. I'm looking for emotions - that's what guides me. These pieces aren't for children, but assume the character of innocence and candor that one finds in childhood. I'd even go so far as to say that they adopt the tone of late adolescence and early adulthood." - Lise de la Salle

Free Indian Music Download - Stenhammar on BIS
Swedish composer, conductor and pianist Wilhelm Stenhammar studied in Berlin and became a devotee of Wagner and Bruckner before turning to Nordic composers Nielsen and Sibelius for inspiration. The BIS label has done much to keep the public focused on this important composer. The recent release featured inside contains his popular Serenade for Orchestra and the Excelsior! Concert Overture. Also shown are more from his varied output, including choral music, string quartets, piano music and more.

Free Indian Music Download - Monteverdi Choir - Vigilate!
This album brings together six English composers whose combined careers span more than a century. Byrd, Tallis, Morley, Philips, White and Tomkins. The title Vigilate! (Be watchful!) epitomises the clandestine character of recusant music-making in Elizabethan England, by undercover Catholic composers of the time. The pieces on this recording display the richly imaginative, devout and diverse responses of musical craftsmen who worked with unfailing creativity in difficult times.

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