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ClassicsOnline Home » Ballet Music (Music to the Bournonville Ballets) (Aalborg Symphony, Lassen)

Ballet Music (Music to the Bournonville Ballets) (Aalborg Symphony, Lassen)

Ballet Music (Music to the Bournonville Ballets) (Aalborg Symphony, Lassen)

Period(s) Classical (1750-1830)Romantic
Genre Classical Music
Category Ballet
Catalogue DACOCD631-639
Label Danacord
Quality   320kbps
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Work/Track Title Time
Ballet Music (Music to the Bournonville Ballets) (Aalborg Symphony, Lassen) 9:28:07   
  La Sylphide          
      Act I: Overture 5:21       
      Act I: Introduction 3:38       
      Act I: Effy's entrance 1:30       
      Act I: Fortune-teller Scene: James - Effy - The Witch 6:15       
      Act I: Window Scene: James and the Sylphide 4:04       
      Act I: Window Scene: Soon the Sylph expresses her intense joy in a solo 2:32       
      Act I: Arrival of the Guests - Pas d'ecossaise 3:40       
      Act I: Pas de deux - Reel 2:32       
      Act I: Reel 3:57       
      Act I: Finale 2:26       
      Act II: The Witch Scene 4:10       
      Act II: Forest Scene: James and the Sylphide 5:58       
      Act II: Sylph Scene: Divertissement 2:51       
      Act II: The Sylph: Sylph, first solo 0:40       
      Act II: The Sylph: James, first solo 0:45       
      Act II: The Sylph: Sylphs 1:34       
      Act II: The Sylph: Sylph, second solo- James, second solo 1:08       
      Act II: The Sylph: Ensemble 1:49       
      Act II: James chasing the Sylphide 0:45       
      Act II: Gurn - The Witch - Effy 2:52       
      Act II: James and the Witch - The Scarf 1:41       
      Act II: Finale 4:42       
      Act II: Finale: The Sylph's death scene 1:50       
      Act II: Finale: The Curse 2:27       
      Act II: Finale: Pas de deux: Adagio 1:22       
      Act II: Finale: Pas de deux: A la polacca 1:32       
      Act II: Finale: Pas de deux: Allegro grazioso 1:58       
      Act II: Finale: Pas de deux: Allegretto 2:21       
      Introduction 5:46       
      Act I: Barcarole 3:42       
      Act I: The merry mood returns 3:20       
      Act I: The Slander Scene: Quotation from Rossini: Basilio's aria, The Barber of Seville 2:53       
      Act I: Ballabile 7:42       
      Act I: The street singer Pascarillo entertains everyone 5:50       
      Act I: Finale 6:22       
      Act II: Prelude: The Blue Grotto 4:01       
      Act II: The Naiads Argentina and Corella 2:59       
      Act II: The sea spirit Golfo is enchanted by her beauty 2:30       
      Act II: Teresina and the Naiads 5:33       
      Act II: Pas de Deux 2:47       
      Act II: Quotation: H. Prume, La Melancholie Gennaro solo 4:51       
      Act II: Hesitantly, Gennaro tries to arouse her memory 4:59       
      Act II: Golfo stops their scape 3:55       
      Act III: Introduction 1:25       
      Act III: Pilgrims walk in processions towards the image of the Madonna 7:16       
      Act III: Pas de six: Tempo di Polacca 1:55       
      Act III: Pas de six: Four ladies : Andantino 2:32       
      Act III: Pas de six: First Gentleman's solo: Allegro vivo 0:52       
      Act III: Pas de six: Two ladies: Meno mosso 0:32       
      Act III: Pas de six: Lady's solo 1:12       
      Act III: Pas de six: Second Gentleman's solo: Allegretto 1:02       
      Act III: Pas de six: Three ladies: Allegro non troppo 0:39       
      Act III: Pas de six: Second Gentleman's solo, Gennaro 0:52       
      Act III: Pas de six: Second Lady's solo: Allegretto 1:06       
      Act III: Pas de six: Third Lady's solo: Allegretto, "Leaping Solo" 1:09       
      Act III: Pas de six: Fourth Lady's solo: Tempo di Polonaise 1:00       
      Act III: Pas de six: Coda 1:31       
      Act III: Tarantella 7:03       
      Act III: Finale: Galop 4:30       
  Polka Militaire 2:50       
  La Ventana          
      Introduction and Mirror Dance 2:00       
      Scene 1: The boudoir of a young senorita: Serenade and Spanish Dance 3:08       
      Scene 2: A patio with a beautiful view: The Senor's solo 1:50       
      Scene 2: A patio with a beautiful view: Pas de trois: Allegro - Adagio 2:57       
      Scene 2: A patio with a beautiful view: First Lady's Solo: Moderato 1:16       
      Scene 2: A patio with a beautiful view: Gentleman's solo: Tempo di Marcia 0:57       
      Scene 2: A patio with a beautiful view: Second Lady's solo: Allegro 1:03       
      Scene 2: Coda 1:21       
      Scene 2: Seguidilla: Molto moderato 1:51       
      Scene 2: Bolero 1:16       
      Scene 2: Jaleo 1:31       
      Scene 2: Bolero 0:42       
  Le Conservatoire, "Newspaper Courtship"          
      Introduction 6:50       
      Act I: Entrance of the Students 2:25       
      Act I: Pas d'Ecole with variatons: Adagio 2:12       
      Act I: Children's steps: Allegretto - 4 Gentlemen: Andante - Children's steps: Allegretto 1:55       
      Act I: Pas de six with soli: Moderato - Ensemble: Allegretto 4:51       
      Act I: The young violin virtuoso Erneste enter triumphantly 1:56       
      Act I: Pas de trois: Andante sostenuto 1:42       
      Act I: Rondo con spirito: Allegretto: Tempo Primo 5:32       
      Act I: School is over 2:02       
      Finale 2:16       
      Act II: The restaurateur Larose is busy arranging everything 3:44       
      Act II: Raimbaud is also present, but the poor fiddler can earn nothing 3:18       
      Act II: Wooing scenes 6:00       
      Act II. A lady dressed in the English style 3:45       
      Act II: Dufour is bursting with indignaton 3:31       
      Act II: Chopin, Grande valse brillante 3:34       
      Act II: Then Erneste steps in 3:12       
      Act II: Dufour comes back with a notary 2:42       
      Act II: Finale 4:37       
  Kermesse in Bruges, "The Three Gifts"          
      Act I: Crowds celebrating a festival with processions and drinking 5:01       
      Act I: Slovanka 3:18       
      Act I: Pas de deux 2:21       
      Act I: First Lady's solo: Allegretto 0:47       
      Act I: First Gentleman's solo 1:01       
      Act I: Second Lady's solo: Allegro non troppo 1:09       
      Act I: Coda: Allegro 1:53       
      Act I: The Great Round - Dance 4:58       
      Act I: The Mountebanks 0:55       
      Act I: The Quarrel and the Farewell 3:36       
      Act I: The Robbers and the Assault 2:28       
      Act I: Mirewelt wakes up 3:50       
      Act II Scene 1: Marchen and Johanna with Mirewelt 4:18       
      Act II Scene 1: First Forced Dance 2:10       
      Act II Scene 1: Carelis and Eleonore 2:56       
      Act II Scene 2: Introduction: The Meal 2:44       
      Act II Scene 2: Dressing scene 1:22       
      Act II Scene 2: The arrival of the guests 2:37       
      Act II Scene 2: Interpolated number 0:59       
      Act II Scene 2: Pas de deux 1:33       
      Act II Scene 2: First Lady's solo: Allegretto 0:41       
      Act II Scene 2: First Gentleman's solo: Meno 0:54       
      Act II Scene 2: Six Ladies 0:24       
      Act II Scene 2: Second Lady's solo: Allegro 1:05       
      Act II Scene 2: Second Gentleman's solo: Allegro moderato 0:55       
      Act II Scene 2: Coda a la Polacca 1:50       
      Act II Scene 2: Arrival of Adrian 3:00       
      Act II Scene 2: Geert alone 1:51       
      Act II Scene 2: Arrival of Marchen, Johanna and Trutje 2:54       
      Act II Scene 2: Duel and Confusion 3:10       
      Act II Scene 2: Arrest 1:40       
      Act III: Finale 1:48       
      Act III: Second forced dance 4:45       
  A Folk Tale          
      Introduction 2:35       
      Act I: The Hunt 3:08       
      Act I: Peasant Dance 1:31       
      Act I: Reel 2:26       
      Act I: Dance of Knights: Minuet 1:48       
      Act I: Contredanse 4:44       
      Act I: At the Elf-Hill 5:59       
      Act I: The Elf-Girls 2:40       
      Act II: In the Troll Barrow 5:25       
      Act II: Diderik's Courtship 3:11       
      Act II: Hilda cannot forget the handsome young nobleman she met outside the hill 1:04       
      Act II: The Dream 3:54       
      Act II: Hilda wakes up confused, and remembers the dream 1:14       
      Act II: Arrival of the Trolls 3:43       
      Act II: Bolero. Hilda's solo 3:18       
      Act II: Dance of the Trolls 3:56       
  A Folk Tale          
      Act III Scene 1: Pastorale 2:47       
      Act III Scene 1: Hilda and the Peasants 3:59       
      Act III Scene 1: The happiness dies down as Ove 5:51       
      Act III Scene 1: Viderik's Teasing 1:33       
      Act III Scene 2: The servants lay out the young mistress's clothes 2:34       
      Act III Scene 2: Birthe's solo 3:33       
      Act III Scene 2: Hilda enters with the cup in her hand 3:16       
      Act III Scene 3: The trolls, who have now lost their dearest treasure, want to go away 9:18       
      Act III Scene 4: Finale 2:23       
      Act III Scene 4: Polonaise: Pas de Sept: Allegro maestoso 1:36       
      Act III Scene 4: Trio 0:58       
      Act III Scene 4: Polonaise 0:42       
      Act III Scene 4: Interpolated music: Andantino: Allegro grazioso 1:23       
      Act III Scene 4: Gentlemen's solo: Moderato 0:46       
      Act III Scene 4: Interpolated music: Allegro non troppo 2:25       
      Act III Scene 4: Coda: Polonaise: Animato 2:01       
      Act III Scene 4: Bridal Waltz: Tempo di valse 3:05       
  Flower Festival in Genzano: Pas de deux          
      Introduction 2:16       
      Pas de deux: Andante non troppo lento 2:28       
      First Gentleman's solo 0:44       
      First Lady's solo 1:08       
      Second Gentleman's solo 0:45       
      Second Lady's solo and Coda 1:45       
  Far from Denmark, "Costume ball aboard Ship"          
      Introduction 3:46       
      Act I: Rosita rests in a hammock surrounded by blacks 2:30       
      Act I: Fernandez brings in Alvar 3:31       
      Act I: The jealous Alvar warns against the Danes 2:32       
      Act I: Paul and Edward tell each other about the many dizzying sights they have seen 5:00       
      Act I: Jason and Medea bring in a chest of costumes 3:34       
      Act I: L. M. Gottschalk: Le Bananier 4:40       
      Act II: Introduction 1:49       
      Act II: A party of eminent guests is announced 2:35       
      Act II: The oar-strokes of the barge are heard 2:59       
      Act II: The band of the frigate heads up a procession of seamen 3:31       
      Act II: Waltz and Contredanse 2:35       
      Act II: Eskimo Dance 2:47       
      Act II: Chinese Dance 2:07       
      Act II: Lady's solo 1:08       
      Act II: Gentleman's solo 0:55       
      Act II: Coda 1:06       
      Act II: Fandango 8:03       
      Act II: An Indian War Dance 2:59       
      Act II: The barge is ordered out and they take their leave 1:44       
      Act II: Finale 3:37       
      Act II: Reel 2:34       
      Act II: Celebratory binfires and torches are lit 0:56       
  The King's Volunteers on Amager          
      Introduction 2:55       
      The farm folk are palying cards 2:51       
      The volunteers come back froom a patrol 1:52       
      Edouard has a melody in his thoughts 2:55       
      A cannon shot in the distance suggests danger 2:10       
      Sleigh bells announce that fine guests are coming from Copenhagen 2:54       
      Louise remains behind 3:48       
      Now the volunteers come back 3:32       
      The volunteers come, led by the music of a band 1:32       
      Polonaise and Hoop Dance 3:44       
      Military Polka 3:11       
      Pas de trois 3:05       
      Gentleman's solo: Tempo primo 0:51       
      Lady's solo: Moderato 0:56       
      Coda: Allegretto 1:40       
      Reel 2:05       
      Molinasque 1:13       
      A quadrille of figures ffrom Holberg comedies 4:28       
      Finale Carousel 3:03       
  From Siberia to Moscow: The Jockey Dance 2:47       
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