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ClassicsOnline Home » BRITTEN, B.: Saint Nicolas / A Ceremony of Carols / A Boy Was Born / The Rape of Lucretia / Billy Budd (Britten) (1939-1956)

BRITTEN, B.: Saint Nicolas / A Ceremony of Carols / A Boy Was Born / The Rape of Lucretia / Billy Budd (Britten) (1939-1956)

Composer(s)Britten, Benjamin
Period(s) 20th Century
Genre Classical Music
Category Choral - SacredInstrumentalOperaOrchestralVocal
Catalogue 231134
Label Documents
Quality   320kbps
  Booklet / liner notes available
 This album is not available in your country due to licensing restrictions or copyright laws that provide or may provide for terms of protection for sound recordings that differ from the rest of the world.


Work/Track Title Time
BRITTEN, B.: Saint Nicolas / A Ceremony of Carols / A Boy Was Born / The Rape of Lucretia / Billy Budd (Britten) (1939-1956) 9:28:34   
  Saint Nicolas, Op. 42          
      Introduction 5:14       
      The Birth of Nicolas 2:23       
      Nicolas devotes himself to God 4:18       
      He journeys to Palestine 7:29       
      He comes to Myra and is chosen Bishop 6:49       
      Nicolas from Prison 3:01       
      Nicolas and the Pickled Boys 6:25       
      His Piety and Marvellous Works 5:07       
      The Death of Nicolas 6:19       
  A Ceremony of Carols, Op. 28          
      Procession 19:44       
      Wolcum yole! 1:19       
      There is no rose 1:58       
      That yonge child 1:34       
      Balulalow 1:23       
      As dew in Aprille 0:57       
      This little Babe 1:18       
      Interlude 3:01       
      In freezing winter night 4:02       
      Spring Carol 1:06       
      Deo Gracias! - Adam lay ibounden 1:03       
      Recession 1:14       
  A Boy Was Born, Op. 3          
      Theme: A boy was Born — 2:03       
      Variation 1: Lullaby, Jesu — 4:18       
      Variation 2: Herod — 2:14       
      Variation 3: Jesu, As Thou Art Our Saviour — 2:33       
      Variation 4: The Three Kings 3:38       
      Variation 5: In the Bleak Mid-winter — 4:52       
      Variation 6 (Finale): Noel! 8:48       
  The Rape of Lucretia, Op. 37          
      Act I Scene 1: Rome is now ruled by the Etruscan upstart … (Male Chorus) 2:33       
      Act I Scene 1: It is an axiom among kings (Female Chorus) 3:01       
      Act I Scene 1: Here the thirsty ev'ening has drunk the wine of light … (Male Chorus) 2:22       
      Act I Scene 1: Who reaches heaven first is the best philosopher (Collatinus) 2:36       
      Act I Scene 1: Maria was unmasked at a mask ball (Junius, Tarquinus, Collatinus, male Chorus) 4:14       
      Act I Scene 1: Collatinus is politically astute (Male Chorus, Junius, Collatinus, Tarquinus) 6:11       
      Act I Scene 1: There goes a happy man (Tarquinus, Junius) 4:17       
      Act I Scene 1: Tarquinus doses not dare (Male Chorus) 1:58       
      Act I Scene 1: My horse! My Horse! … Tarquinus does not wait (Tarquinus, Male Chorus) 3:19       
      Act I Scene 2: Their spinning wheel unwinds (Female Chorus, Lucretia, Bianca, Lucia) 5:06       
      Act I Scene 2: Listen! I heard a knock. Somebody is at the gate … (Lucretia, Bianca) 2:49       
      Act I Scene 2: Time turns upon the hands of women … (Female Chorus) 3:20       
      Act I Scene 2: The oatmeal slippers of sleep (Female Chorus, Male Chorus, Tarquinus, Bianca, Lucretia, Lucia) 7:20       
  The Rape of Lucretia, Op. 37          
      Act II Scene 1: The prosperity of the Etruscans was due to the richness … (Female Chorus) 8:36       
      Act II Scene 1: She sleeps as a rose upon the night … (Female Chorus) 5:06       
      Act II Scene 1: Within this frail crucible of light … (Tarquinius) 4:27       
      Act II Scene 1: Lucretia! (Tarquinius) 6:18       
      Act II Interlude: Here in this scene you see Virtue assailed by sin … (Female Chorus, Male Chorus) 4:33       
      Act II Scene 2: O what a lovely day … (Lucia, Bianca) 3:52       
      Act II Scene 2: We'll leave the orchids for Lucretia (Bianca, Lucia, Lucretia) 4:14       
      Act II Scene 2: Flowers bring to ev'ry year the same perfection … (Luceretia) 3:13       
      Act II Scene 2: You were right (Lucia, Bianca, Collatinus, Junius, Lucretia) 4:38       
      Act II Scene 2: Lucretia! Lucretia! O never again must we two dare to part … (Collatinus, Lucretia) 3:01       
      Act II Scene 2: Last night Tarquinius ravished me (Lucretia, Collatinus) 3:46       
      Act II Scene 2: This dead hand lets fall all that my heart held when full … (Collatinus, Junius, Bianca, Lucia, Female Chorus, Male Chorus) 4:28       
      Act II Scene 2: Is it all? Is all this suffering and pain, is this in vain? (Female Chorus, Male Chorus) 5:26       
  Billy Budd, Op. 50 (excerpts)          
      Act II: There you are again, Master-at-Arms. 5:50       
      Act II: Oh, this cursed mist! 4:21       
      Act II: Claggart, John Claggart, beware! 3:31       
      Act II: Master-at-Arms and foretopman … 2:16       
      Act II: God o' mercy! 2:08       
      Act II: Great God! For what reason? 1:24       
      Act II: William Budd, you are accused … 4:57       
      Act II: Poor fellow, who could save him? 4:32       
  4 Sea Interludes, Op. 33a          
      No. 1. Dawn 3:24       
      No. 2. Sunday Morning 3:44       
      No. 3. Moonlight 4:24       
      No. 4. Storm 4:20       
  Passacaglia, Op. 33b 6:30       
  The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra: Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Henry Purcell, Op. 34          
      Theme 1:55       
      Variation A [The Flutes] 0:34       
      Variation B [The Oboes] 0:59       
      Variation C [The Clarinets] 0:37       
      Variation D [The Bassoons] 0:51       
      Variation E [The Violins] 0:39       
      Variation F [The Violas] — 1:12       
      Variation G [The Cellos] 1:18       
      Variation H [The Double Basses] 0:53       
      Variation I [The Harp] 0:52       
      Variation J [The Horns] 0:43       
      Variation K [The Trumpets] 0:35       
      Variation L [The Trombones and Bass Tuba] 1:00       
      Variation M [Percussions] 1:34       
      Fugue: Allegro molto 3:01       
  The Little Sweep, Op. 45          
      Sweep! Sweep! (Chorus) 1:57       
      Sweep this chimney (Miss Baggott) 1:59       
      Now, little white boy! (Black Bob, Clem) 4:03       
      Pull the rope gently until he is free! (Chorus) 1:42       
      Is he wounded? (Chorus) 1:29       
      Sooty tracks (Chorus) 2:24       
      Run, poor sweep-boy (Rowan) 4:18       
      The kettles are singing (Chorus) 2:45       
      O why do you weep (Chorus, Rowan, Sam) 3:07       
      Pantomime - Ah!…Blackguards! (Miss Baggott) 4:17       
      Help! Help! She's collapsed! (Miss Baggott) 2:07       
      The owl, wide-winging through the sky (Chorus) 4:05       
      Soon the coach will carry you away (Juliet) 2:28       
      Morning, Sammy! Lovely weather (Johnnie) 1:51       
      Ready Alfred? (Tom) 2:51       
      Coaching song: The horses are champing (Tutti) 2:20       
  The Turn of the Screw, Op. 54          
      Act I: The Prologue: It is a curious story 2:46       
      Act I: Theme: Scene 1 - The Journey: Nearly there (Governess) 3:25       
      Act I: Variation I: Scene 2 - The Welcome: Mrs. Grose! Will she be nice? (Miles, Flora, Mrs. Grose, Governess) 4:08       
      Act I: Variation II: Scene 3 - The Letter: Miss! Miss! A letter for you (Mrs. Grose, Governess, Flora, Miles) 3:51       
      Act I: Variation III: Scene 4 - The Tower: How beautiful it is (Governess) 5:49       
      Act I: Variation IV: Scene 5 - The Window: Tom, Tom, the piper's son (Miles, Flora, Governess, Mrs. Grose) 9:59       
      Act I: Variation V: Scene 6 - The Lesson: Many nouns it is we find (Miles, Flora, Governess) 4:44       
      Act I: Variation VI: Scene 7 - The Lake: O rivers and seas and lakes! (Flora, Governess, Miles) 6:37       
      Act I: Variation VII: Scene 8 - At Night: Miles! Miles! Miles! (Quint, Miles, Miss Jessel, Flora, Governess, Mrs. Grose) 10:20       
  The Turn of the Screw, Op. 54          
      Act II: Variation VIII: Scene 1 - Colloquy and Soliloquy: Why did you call me? (Miss Jessel, Quint, Governess) 8:34       
      Act II: Variation IX: Scene 2 - The Bells: O sing unto them a new song (Miles, Flora, Mrs. Grose, Governess) 8:29       
      Act II: Variation X: Scene 3 - Miss Jessel: She is here (Governess, Miss Jessel) 6:20       
      Act II: Variation XI: Scene 4 - The Bedroom: Malo: than a naughty boy… (Miles, Governess, Quint) 5:57       
      Act II: Variation XII: Scene 5 - Quint: So! She has written (Quint) 2:06       
      Act II: Variation XIII: Scene 6 - The Piano: O what a clever boy (Governess, Mrs. Grose, Flora) 4:51       
      Act II: Variation XIV: Scene 7 - Flora: Flora! (Mrs. Grose, Governess, Miss Jessel, Flora) 4:54       
      Act II: Variation XV: Scene 8 - Miles: Mrs. Grose (Governess, Mrs. Grose, Miles, Quint) 11:38       
  Simple Symphony, Op. 4          
      I. Boisterous Bouree 3:22       
      II. Playful Pizzicato 3:14       
      III. Sentimental Sarabande 8:06       
      IV. Frolicsome Finale 2:38       
  Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge, Op. 10          
      Introduction and Theme 1:51       
      Variation 1: Adagio 2:14       
      Variation 2: March 1:09       
      Variation 3: Romance 1:35       
      Variation 4: Aria Italiana 1:13       
      Variation 5: Bouree Classique 1:10       
      Variation 6: Wiener Waltzer 2:33       
      Variation 7: Moto Perpetuo 1:08       
      Variation 8: Funeral March 3:10       
      Variation 9: Chant 1:04       
      Variation 10: Fugue 3:04       
      Finale 3:16       
  Introduction and Rondo alla burlesca, Op. 23, No. 1 8:58       
  Mazurka Elegiaca, Op. 23, No. 2 7:29       
  7 Sonnets of Michelangelo, Op. 22          
      No. 1. Sonetto XVI: Si come nella penna e nell'inchiostro 2:00       
      No. 2. Sonetto XXXI: A che piu debb'io mai l'intensa voglia 1:18       
      No. 3. Sonetto XXX: Veggio co' bei vostri occhi un dolce lume 3:08       
      No. 4. Sonetto LV: Tu sa' ch'io so, signior mie, che tu sai 1:45       
      No. 5. Sonetto XXXVIII: Rendete a gli occhi miei, o fonte o fiume 1:48       
      No. 6. Sonetto XXXII: S'un casto amor, s'una pieta superna 1:14       
      No. 7. Sonetto XXIV: Spirto ben nato, in cui si specchia e vede 4:40       
  Serenade, Op. 31          
      No. 1. Prologue 1:13       
      No. 2. Pastoral 4:06       
      No. 3. Nocturne 3:19       
      No. 4. Elegy 4:18       
      No. 5. Dirge 4:13       
      No. 6. Hymn 2:02       
      No. 7. Sonnet 4:10       
      No. 8. Epilogue 1:21       
  Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 1, "British Isles" (excerpts)          
      No. 1. The Salley Gardens 3:04       
      No. 2. Little Sir William 2:37       
      No. 7. Oliver Cromwell 0:40       
      No. 6. The Ash Grove 3:03       
      No. 3. The Bonny Earl o' Moray 2:57       
  Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 2, "France": No. 8. Quand j'etais chez mon pere (Heigh ho! heigh hi!) 2:10       
  Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 3, "British Isles" (excerpts)          
      No. 3. Sweet Polly Oliver 3:02       
      No. 2. There's none to soothe 2:17       
      No. 1. The Plough Boy 2:03       
      No. 7. Come you not from Newcastle? 1:16       
      No. 5. The Foggy, Foggy Dew 2:42       
      No. 6. O Waly, Waly 3:45       
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