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ClassicsOnline Home » SIBELIUS, J.: Sibelius Edition, Vol. 7 - Songs

SIBELIUS, J.: Sibelius Edition, Vol. 7 - Songs

Composer(s)Sibelius, Jean
Period(s) 20th Century
Genre Classical Music
Category Vocal
Catalogue BIS-CD-1918-20
Label BIS
Quality   320kbps
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Work/Track Title Time
SIBELIUS, J.: Sibelius Edition, Vol. 7 - Songs 8:24:16   
  Serenad, JS 167 (version for voice and piano) 2:48       
  Medan nordanvinden gnyr (While the North Wind Roars) 1:11       
  Nacken (The Watersprite), JS 138 3:19       
  Da varldar annu skapade ej voro, JS 56 2:23       
  En visa (A Song), JS 71 1:25       
  Solen slog himlen rod… (The Sun Reddened the Sky) 1:34       
  Orgier (Orgies), JS 143 2:17       
  Skogsraet (The Wood Nymph), JS 171 6:40       
  Hostkvall (Autumn Evening) (fragment) 2:22       
  Flickan gick en vintermogon (The Maiden Went One Winter Morning) (fragment) 0:45       
  Jag kysser dig ej (I Kiss You and Weary Not) 0:54       
  Lojet var utan hem (Wit Was Without a Home) 2:25       
  Likhet (Alikeness), JS 120 1:40       
  Den forsta kyssen (The First Kiss), JS 57 2:08       
  Tule, tule, kultani (Come, my Sweetheart), JS 211 1:14       
  7 Songs, Op. 13 (version for voice and piano)          
      No. 1. Under strandens granar (Under the Fir-Trees) 5:24       
      No. 2. Kyssens hopp (The Kiss's Hope) 2:10       
      No. 3. Hjartats morgon (The Heart's Morning) 2:27       
      No. 4. Varen flyktar hastigt (Spring Flies Speedily) 1:33       
      No. 5. Drommen (The Dream) 1:43       
      No. 6. Till Frigga (To Frigga) 3:59       
      No. 7. Jagargossen (The Young Huntsman) 2:44       
  7 Songs, Op. 17 (version for voice and piano)          
      No. 1. Se'n har jag ej fragat mera (Since Then I Have Questioned No Further) 2:14       
      No. 2. Sov in (Go to Sleep) 1:41       
      No. 3. Fagellek (Play of the Birds) 1:32       
      No. 4. Vilse (Astray) 0:52       
      No. 5. En slanda (A Dragonfly) 4:22       
      No. 6. Illalle (To Evening) 1:15       
      No. 7. Lastu lainehilla (Driftwood) 1:06       
  Koskenlaskijan morsiamet (The Rapid-Rider's Brides), Op. 33 (version for voice and piano) 11:31       
  Kung Kristian II (King Christian II), Op. 27: No. 4. Sangen om korsspindeln (Fool's Song of the Spider) (version for voice and piano) 3:31       
  Segelfahrt (Sailing), JS 166 1:30       
  Souda, souda, sinisorsa (Row, row, duck), JS 180 1:10       
  Andantino in E-Flat Major, JS 42 (preliminary version of Sav, sav, susa, Op. 36, No. 4) 2:09       
  6 Songs, Op. 36 (version for voice and piano)          
      No. 1. Svarta rosor (Black Roses) 1:56       
      No. 2. Men min fagel marks dock icke (But My Bird is Long in Homing) 2:23       
      No. 3. Bollspelet vid Trianon (Tennis at Trianon) 1:20       
      No. 4. Sav, sav, susa (Reed, reed, rustle) 2:33       
      No. 5. Marssnon (The March Snow) 1:18       
      No. 6. Demanten pa marssnon (The Diamond on the March Snow) 1:57       
  5 Songs, Op. 37 (version for voice and piano)          
      No. 1. Den forsta kyssen (The First Kiss) 1:52       
      No. 2. Lasse liten (Little Lasse) 1:59       
      No. 3. Soluppgang (Sunrise) 2:24       
      No. 4. Var det en drom? (Was It a Dream?) 1:58       
      No. 5. Flickan kom ifran sin alsklings mote (The girl returned from meeting her lover) 2:50       
  Jag ville, jag vore i Indialand (I wish I were in India) (alternative version) 2:46       
  5 Songs, Op. 38 (version for voice and piano)          
      No. 1. Hostkvall (Autumn Evening) 4:44       
      No. 2. Pa verandan vid havet (On a Balcony by the Sea) 3:36       
      No. 3. I natten (In the Night) 3:56       
      No. 4. Harpolekaren och hans son (The Harper and his Son) 3:41       
      No. 5. Jag ville, jag vore i Indialand (I wish I were in India) 2:58       
  Pelleas and Melisande. JS 147: No. 6. The 3 Blind Sisters (version for voice and piano) 3:44       
  6 Songs, Op. 50          
      No. 1. Lenzgesang (Spring Song) 2:23       
      No. 2. Sehnsucht (Longing) 1:53       
      No. 3. Im Feld ein Madchen singt (In the Field a Maid Sings) 3:00       
      No. 4. Aus banger Brust (From Anxious Heart) 2:17       
      No. 5. Die stille Stadt (The Silent City) 2:39       
      No. 6. Rosenlied (Song of the Roses) 1:33       
  Erloschen (Extinguished), JS 73 2:46       
  No. 1. Jubal 4:28       
  No. 2. Teodora 4:16       
  Vanskapens blomma (The Flower of Friendship), JS 215 (preliminary version) 2:54       
  8 Songs, Op. 57 (version for voice and piano)          
      No. 1. Alven och snigeln (The River and the Snail) 2:46       
      No. 2. En blomma stod vid vagen (A Flower in the Path) 2:06       
      No. 3. Kvarhjulet (The Millwheel) 2:51       
      No. 4. Maj (May) 2:35       
      No. 5. Jag ar ett trad (The Tree) 2:46       
      No. 6. Hertig Magnus (Baron Magnus) 3:17       
      No. 7. Vanskapens blomma (The Flower of Friendship) 2:36       
      No. 8. Nacken (The Elf King) 2:10       
  No. 1. Kom nu hit, Dod (Come away, Death) 3:17       
  No. 2. Hallila, uti storm och i regn (Hey, ho, the Wind and the Rain) 0:59       
  8 Songs, Op. 61 (version for voice and piano)          
      No. 1. Langsamt som kvallskyn (Slowly as the Evening Sky) 2:11       
      No. 2. Vattenplask (Lapping Waters) 3:31       
      No. 3. Nar jag drommer (When I dream) 3:04       
      No. 4. Romeo 1:42       
      No. 5. Romans (Romance) 3:43       
      No. 6. Dolce far niente 1:40       
      No. 7. Fafang onskan (Idle Wishes) 3:12       
      No. 8. Vartagen (The Spell of Springtide) 1:54       
  Arioso, Op. 3 (version for voice and piano) 4:06       
  5 Christmas Songs, Op. 1 (version for voice and piano)          
      No. 1. Nu star jul vid snoig port (Now Christmas stands at the snowy gate) 1:45       
      No. 2. Nu sa kommer julen (Now Christmas is coming) 2:16       
      No. 3. Det morknar ute (Outside it is getting dark) 2:46       
      No. 4. Giv mig ej glans, ej guld, ej prakt (Give me no splendour, gold or pomp) 3:43       
      No. 5. On hanget korkeat, nietokset (High are the snowdrifts) 2:06       
  Luonnotar, Op. 70 (version for voice and piano) 8:48       
  6 Songs, Op. 72 (version for voice and piano) (excerpts)          
      No. 3. Kyssen (The Kiss) 2:22       
      No. 4. Kaiutar (The Echo Nymph) 3:10       
      No. 5. Der Wanderer und der Bach 0:47       
      No. 6. Hundra vagar har min tanke (A Hundred Ways) 2:03       
  Tanken (The Thought), JS 192 1:29       
  6 Songs, Op. 86          
      No. 1. Varfornimmelser (The Coming of Spring) 1:12       
      No. 2. Langtan heter min arvedel (Vain longings are my heritage) 3:11       
      No. 3. Dold Forening (Hidden Union) 0:53       
      No. 4. Och finns det en tanke? (And is there a thought?) 2:15       
      No. 5. Sangarlon (The Singer's Reward) 1:45       
      No. 6. I systrar, I broder, I alskande par (Ye sisters, ye brothers, ye loving couples!) 2:01       
  6 Songs, Op. 88          
      No. 1. Blasippan (The Anemone) 0:41       
      No. 2. De bagge rosorna (The Two Roses) 1:12       
      No. 3. Vitsippan (The Wood Anemone) 1:14       
      No. 4. Sippan (The Anemone) 0:55       
      No. 5. Tornet (The Thorn) 2:04       
      No. 6. Blommans ode (The Flower's Destiny) 1:21       
  6 Songs, Op. 90          
      No. 1. Norden (The North) 2:04       
      No. 2. Hennes budskap (Her Message) 1:32       
      No. 3. Morgonen (The Morning) 2:24       
      No. 4. Fagelfangaren (The Bird-Catcher) 1:28       
      No. 5. Sommarnatten (Summer Night) 2:46       
      No. 6. Vem styrde hit din vag? (Who brought you here?) 3:02       
  Kullervo, Op. 7: Kullervon valitus (Kullervo's Lament) (version for voice and piano) 1:49       
  Mummon syntymapaivana (Birthday Song to Grandmother), JS 136 1:41       
  Autrefois, Op. 96b (version for 2 voices and piano) 5:23       
  Sma flickorna (Little Girls), JS 174 3:09       
  Narciss (Narcissus), JS 140 1:45       
  Siltavahti (The Bridge Guard), JS 170b (version for voice and piano) 2:24       
  Belshazzar's Feast, JS 48: No. 2b. The Jewish Girl's Song (version for voice and piano, "Solitude") 2:53       
  Hymn to Thais, the Unforgettable, JS 97 1:53       
  Serenad, JS 167 (preliminary version) 2:53       
  7 Songs, Op. 13 (preliminary versions) (excerpts)          
      No. 2. Kyssens hopp (The Kiss's Hope) 2:21       
      No. 3. Hjartats morgon (The Heart's Morning) 2:25       
      No. 5. Drommen (The Dream) 2:02       
  Kullervo, Op. 7: Kullervon Wehruf (Kullervo's Lament) (first version) (version for voice and piano) 2:12       
  No. 1. Se'n har jag ej fragat mera (Since Then I Questioned No Further) 2:37       
  No. 6. Illalle (To Evening) 1:50       
  Soluppgang (Sunrise), JS 87 (preliminary version) 2:14       
  Belshazzar's Feast, JS 48: No. 2b. The Jewish Girl's Song (first version) (version for voice and piano) 2:51       
  6 Songs, Op. 72: No. 6. Hundra vagar (100 Ways) (preliminary version) (version for voice and piano) 2:13       
  2 Songs, Op. 35: No. 2. Teodora (preliminary version) 4:39       
  Hymn to Thais, the Unforgettable, JS 97 (first version) 2:06       
  No. 1. Kom nu hit, dod! (Come Away, Death!) 3:12       
  No. 2. Hallila, uti storm och i regn (Hey, ho, the Wind and the Rain) 2:07       
  8 Songs, Op. 61: No. 6. Dolce far niente (preliminary version) (version for voice and piano) 1:43       
  5 Christmas Songs, Op. 1: No. 5. On hanget korkeat (High are the snowdrifts) (version for 2 voices and piano) 2:07       
  Autrefois, Op. 96b: Pastorale (preliminary version) (arr. for 2 voices and piano) 2:45       
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